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Xi'an Stadium


The project is located in Xi'an,Xi’an has a warm temperate semi-humid monsoon climate,The rainfall is moderate and the four seasons are distinct.The highest temperature throughout the year is around 40 degrees,The lowest temperature throughout the year is around -8 degrees.Xi'an has a long history and is a famous international tourist city.Xi'an is the economic center of the western region with developed heavy industry.

The Xi'an Gymnasium started construction in 1997 and was completed in August 1999.It is a landmark building of Xi’an Sports Center,t has hosted the Gymnastics Competition and Closing Ceremony of the Fourth City Games.China East West Economic Cooperation and Trade Fair opening ceremony and other activities.Adopt Baosteel sea blue polyester color coating.The substrate is hot-dip galvanized at 180 g/m2,The grade is TSt01.After 12 years of use, the color of the coating is still bright

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