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National Aquatics Center


The National Aquatics Center is located in the Beijing Olympic Park.It is one of the landmark buildings of 2008 Beijing Olympic Games.Built in 2007,The design reflects the design concept of "Water Cube",Integrating architectural design and structural design,The design is novel and the structure is unique.The main advanced technologies for the construction of the National Swimming Center include the selection of heat pumps, the utilization of solar energy, the comprehensive utilization of water resources, the advanced heating and air conditioning system, the control system and other energy-saving and environmental protection technologies,Fully reflect the "green".Baosteel provided HDP white gray color coated steel plate with aluminum and zinc plating for the museum,Used in the construction of ventilation ducts,The weight of aluminum zinc coating is 150g / m2,The grade is: TDC51D+AZ.

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