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Tsingtao Brewery


Tsingtao Brewery is located on Dengzhou Road, Qingdao.Qingdao has a temperate monsoon climate,Slightly oceanic climate characteristics,The air is humid, the temperature is moderate, and the four seasons are distinct,It is a famous summer resort in China.Qingdao has a developed economy,But there is less heavy industry and heavy chemical pollution.

The plant was built in 1993,The color-coated board is made of ordinary PE,The color is gray,The substrate is hot-dip galvanized,The amount of galvanizing is 180 g/m²,The grade is TSt01.It has been used for 18 years,Tested in 2011,The coating is still 15.8 microns(The factory standard is ≥20 microns).It can be seen from the figure that the paint film of the color-coated steel plate is complete,There was also no apparent rust on the incisions.

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